Como vender fotos en Internet How to sell photos online
Vender fotos
sell photos online
Sell photos online
Vender fotos
Sell photos online

Welcome to from these pages we want to inform and advise about the world of Microstock (selling photos online).
In these pages you will find information on what type of photos are the best selling, requirements that require specialized agencies, which are the best-selling agencies, the pay per sale, etc ...

These pages are version two, who was born just over two years and thanks to their views we have considered that it must grow by offering more information on this world of Microstock agencies that, while actually paying little, are able often sell our photos, if they deserve it, and turn our hobby into something that can provide a small or not so little financial aid.

It is difficult to live in this, only a few succeed and we must be aware of it, but we must also say that it is not difficult to sell photos online and hope in these pages you find enough information to help you succeed in selling many photos online.

Vender fotos

The world's most expensive picture is a photograph taken by American photographer Edward Steichen in 1904 and sold over .....

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Sell Photos
Quick to sell photos online Select 10 of your best pictures of commercial content, save them in JPG quality level 10, must be at least 4 Mp., Ie, 1650 X 2450 pixels minimum, make sure they are technically perfect. scan your passport in JPG, the page where your data and photo. And to start, sign up only in these two agencies:

Microstock photography is trading at a low price. A few years ago, when a company needed a photograph resorted to a photographer or any of the files available in catalogs 
pictures ....

Sell photos online

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Vender fotos en Internet
The money can be earned by selling photos
Ensure you can make much money selling photos online is almost impossible, mainly depends on the quality and commercial focus of the photographs, constancy in the project and the number of photos that we can.....
Vender fotos en Internet
Types of photos that sell more
Look at a magazine, book, look at the type of ads and photos of artwork, such pictures are the most popular, use their imagination to compose and shoot ideas, concepts, objects of all kinds: food, tools.....
Como se cobran las ventas de fotos
As the photo sales charge
Although several systems are used to collect fees for the photographs sold (according to each agency) the most widespread method is Paypal. The fees are charged when the total reaches a.....
Donde vender fotos
Where photographs are sold
The photographs are sold
in specialized agencies together millions of images, the main customers are graphic design and web design, advertising, newspapers, publishing companies and all revolve around the image.....

Some tips
The first three good advice that we believe are important, before focusing on the picture to sell online are: always carry a camera, go out with other friends photographers or photo enthusiasts and photograph new perspectives.....
Examples of best-selling photos online
Here you can see some of the photographs sold at major Internet microstock agencies, if you can improve you have a great future in selling photos online.....
Vender fotos
If you decide
to sell photos online
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is where more photos
going to sell
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