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Sell photos online
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To sell your photos on Fotolia must be at least 18 years of age and must be the author and owner of the rights of all the files you send. This is the same for all agencies.

When you upload photos to Fotolia, it may take a month or more before you see reflected your first sale, it is normal, do not worry, continue uploading photos regularly, like other pages and see how slowly they begin to sell also photos from Fotolia. Microstock agency is a modern and rapidly growing.

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Images must be in JPEG format
The image resolution is not less than 2400 x 1600 pixels (4 Megapixel)
Images should be normal aspect ratio
The file size must be less than 30 MB
The files should not be resized (upload / upload your files in their original resolution)
And of course, must be the author of all files you upload to Fotolia.

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Photographer employee must have a valid model contract for each person represented in your files is not allowed to send images representing protected logos or trademarks, nor can upload images which represent buildings, goods or places protected by a right intellectual property

When you have accumulated a minimum of 50 credits photographer employee may request payment by PayPal or Moneybookers, one credit equals one euro.
From their Paypal or Moneybookers, the contributor can transfer the money into your bank account.

Fotolia credits paid in euros equivalent to the minimum payment for the sale of an image by the system of credit is 0.31 subscription / euro. Although as in all other microstock agencies also sell many images by higher amounts, depending on the system chosen by the customer, the size of the photo and license purchased.

Sell Photos online
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Como se cobran las ventas de fotos
As the photo sales charge
Although several systems are used to collect fees for the photographs sold (according to each agency) the most widespread method is Paypal. The fees are charged when the total reaches a. ....
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Types of photos that sell more
Look at a magazine, book, look at the type of ads and photos of artwork, such pictures are the most popular, use their imagination to compose and shoot ideas, concepts, objects of all kinds: food, tools .. ...
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The money can be earned by selling photos
Ensure you can make much money selling photos online is almost impossible, mainly depends on the quality and commercial focus of the photographs, constancy in the project and the number of photos that we can .....
Some tips
The first three good advice that we believe are important, before focusing on the picture to sell online are: always carry a camera, go out with other friends photographers or photo enthusiasts and photograph new perspectives ....
Examples of best-selling photos online
Here you can see some of the photographs sold at major Internet microstock agencies, if you can improve you have a great future in selling photos online.
Microstock photography is trading at a low price. A few years ago, when a company needed a photograph resorted to hiring a photographer or select one of the photo files available in photographic catalogs of specialized companies .....
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